Why Hire a Car Through Bargain Wheels?

kangaroos in the the field
We offer total convenience when it comes to picking up your rental vehicle by providing you with the option to collect the vehicle the moment you arrive in Kangaroo Island. This way, you will have more time to explore! No time wasted on waiting in line for your car.

Hop into a Rental Car with us for Kangaroo Island

  • Bargain Wheels booking system is the easiest way to book your rental car.
  • Choose the hire car of your choice from a wide selection of car rental vehicles offered in the most affordable rates.
  • Need to change your travel plans? Don’t worry, we do not charge any cancellation fee.
  • Payment is made only by the time you pick up your car hire.
  • For all inquiries, contact us and our customer service representatives will surely provide you with reliable and accurate information.

Kangaroo Island offers an Island culture just off the southern coast from Adelaide. A rental car from Bargain Wheels Car Rentals will help as you explore the beautiful, natural surroundings that you can expect on this journey. To help preserve the Island’s natural habitat, restrictions apply to certain items that may be taken to Kangaroo Island, for example, honey.

The Island is seven times the size of Singapore and 1/3 of the area is either National or Conservation Park giving you every opportunity to see the wildlife in its natural surroundings. With Koalas, Kangaroos, Wallabies, Goannas and Seals calling Kangaroo Island home, all year round you are sure to see animals at your door step.

Beautiful beaches, exploration, adventure and wildlife sightings are just some of the ways that you can spend your day here, and with accommodation ranging from beach houses to camping sites, your needs are taken care of. Wining and dining options are endless with restaurants and cafes offering local fresh food options with seafood a major ingredient on the menu.

Bargain Wheels Car Hire would love to contribute to your unforgettable stay on Kangaroo Island by supplying you with good quality, reliable rental cars.