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Witness the magic of Nature!

Uluru is also known as Ayers Rock. In the Northern Territory of Australia, the sandstone rock is situated approximately 335 km car rental drive from Alice Springs. Kata Tjuta National Park and Ayers Rock are the popular tourist destinations in the region and we are happy to help you book a car rental so you can explore this amazing area.

Not only is Uluru on the World Heritage list, it also holds deep spiritual meaning for the Aboriginal people of the area. With Ayers Rock as a backdrop, you can enjoy other natural attractions such as swimming holes and caves with ancient paintings.

Uluru Ayers Rock in Australia

Being such a popular iconic destination, Ayers Rock reaches 348 meters high and spans over 9.4 kms across.

The traditional owners of the surrounding land, the Anangu people, consider Uluru and the surrounding areas to be very sacred.  They do, however, operate guided tours of the area explaining the area and the history without impeding on their beliefs.

Ayers Rock is one of those destinations where you have to visit to really experience it. Pictures and photos will not do it justice.

A point to consider when walking around Uluru, is to ensure you are walking at the time of day when it is not too hot.  It is also important to consider the beliefs of the Anangu people who consider the area to be very sacred and do not encourage people to climb the rock.

Of course, with so much to do in the area, climbing the actual rock is not the only way to really get a feel for this wonderful destination.  You can take other walks that will not impede on the sacred beliefs of the locals.  Mala Walk tells a wonderful story of the Tjukurpa.  Mutitjulu is based around a waterhole with the walk telling a story of the war between two snakes Kuniya and Liru. You may decide to take a guided tour so the significants and meanings of the area can be explained from a local.

Sunrise and sunset provides the best viewing time of Ayers Rock from afar.  As the light hits Uluru or starts disappearing, the rock itself begins to change colour.  You cannot be in the area and not experience this natural brilliance.

Accommodation is just a short drive away at the Ayers Rock resort, with a wide selection of accommodation including a camping ground, hostel, apartments, and hotels. The resort also offers a servo, as well as numerous restaurants and shops.

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