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Although some believed Ballina was named directly after the Irish town of Ballina, its etymology is not entirely certain. However, a more likely source is a Bundjalung word “bullinah”, meaning “place of many oysters”. Another possibility is that the Aboriginal name reminded the predominantly Irish settlers of “Ballina”, so the name’s origin could be an accidental or deliberate corruption of the Aboriginal form.

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Driving tips in Ballina

Ballina is located at the mouth of the Richmond River on the Far North Coast of New South Wales, and is home to a few of the most lovely surfing beaches and attractive high land area on Australia’s eastern side.

The radiant Richmond River and its waterways is full of marine wildlife and for several years has remained the fisherman’s paradise and also a perfect place for aquatic sports and boating activities that are famous on this natural tourist spot.

With Jetstar and Virgin Blue both flying directly into Ballina, it is the perfect gateway to this beautiful coastline. So why not pick up hire cars for Ballina from BARGAIN WHEELS CAR RENTAL.