Why book a car hire with Bargain Wheels?

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It’s simple! Unlike any other car rental company, we do not limit your options. We will give you the power to modify or cancel your bookings anytime. We won’t charge you for cancelling and we can still get the most affordable prices for you if you choose to have a re-quote. That is just amazing!

Car Rental Blackburn

  • We aim to give you the perfect car rental that will suit all your vacation needs.
  • We have prepared a top class booking system for your convenience to help you save time from trawling the web for options.
  • We recommend that you book your car rental in advance o avail affordable rates.
  • Cancellation is never a problem, you may cancel your reservation without incurring any charges.

Box Hill, one of Blackburn’s neighbouring suburbs, was a favourite place of the group of painters of the Heidleberg School, the likes of Frederick McCubbin, Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton and Charles Condor.

Thriving in the last two decades of the 19th century, the members who were influenced by European Impressionists, facilitated a few camps through Melbourne. Drive your car rental today and check out their work and influence which is observed in Artists Park, off Prince Street in Box Hill.

Drive your car rental to the park’s fun playground with an artistic theme that pays respect to the Australian Impressionists. Whitehorse holds a spring community festival around October and an Australia Day concert plus fireworks show. Visit the 408-seat Whitehouse Centre theatre in your car rental. The theatre is a venue for the production of plays and concerts by professional and repertory drama and musical groups. The centre’s lobby is hung with works from the city’s art collection.

If a car rental in Blackburn is what you need, then we may just be able to help with that.