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As experts in the car rental business, we know that it is important for you to have your own ride when traveling in a new place. You are entitled ease of access with our booking system and an affordable car hire to complement that. You don’t have to worry about hidden charges because we don’t do hidden charges. What you see in your quotation is what you will be paying for.

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A regional city best known for its busy container port and major industries, Burnie unveils a wealth of unexpected places to visitors with a few hours up their sleeve or a day or two to set aside. Whether you need a replacement car or a rental car for a few days, or a people mover for those unexpected visitors BargainWheels can assist you with your transport needs.

More useful information on Burnie

Established in 1827 (before Melbourne) as Emu Bay, Burnie’s early tradition was influenced by the towering rain forests that covered the land and more than hundred years later, by the pulp and paper mill that shaped the city as it is today.

Halt your rental car and learn Burnie’s good old days at the city’s Pioneer Village Museum which has brought to life the trials, afflictions and trifle from the pioneers to present day.

We are proud to help people book vehicles everyday. Burnie is just one of the hundreds of Australian locations that we book rental cars. So what a re you waiting for? Contact us today!