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Situated on the junction of the Western, Wimmera and Henty highways 300km from of Melbourne, Horsham, considered the main settlement if Wimmera, is a great place for journey into the Little Desert National Park to the west and the beautiful Grampians to the south-east.

The area was initially founded on wool, and the development of the Federation strain of high-yield, drought-resistant wheat helped underpin the region’s prosperity. Today, Horsham still produce top quality grains which are exported, and some of the world’s finest wool.

There are lots of places you can visit in the city to relax and unwind. Horsham Art Gallery boasts one of the finest provincial collections in the land including those by the likes of Rupert Bunny, Sidney Nolan, John Olsen and Charles Blackman.

Horsham is located on the Wimmera River whose local banks offers fine fishing and picnic spots. Near the town is a connection of four lakes – Dock, Green, Pine and Taylors. These lakes are great for swimming, fishing and other water-activities like canoeing.Horsham is set on the Wimmera River whose local banks provide fine fishing and picnicking spots. Four lakes to the south-east of the town, a chain of four lakes – Dock, Green, Pine and Taylors – also provide excellent opportunities for swimming, fishing, boating, sail-boarding and canoeing.

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