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Recently, Christchurch has been continually hit by earthquakes which have shaken the city in a big way. You will find that there are still parts of Christchurch that are still trying to recover from the massive quakes that hit in  the early months of 2011 saw the downfall of many buildings in the middle of the city.

Before the devastating earthquakes, Christchurch was always well known for the beautiful gardens that graced its city. Being named the ‘Garden City of the World’ in 1997 meant the precedence was set and the gardens around the city where well looked after.  This is definitely something that Christchurch will be working to get back on the map for its beautiful landscaped gardens.

Christchurch population has taken a hit since the earthquakes. You will find that as businesses try to rebuild you will only be able to hire a car from the Christchurch Airport and not from the city centre.

You may also find that there are many businesses that use to open in Christchurch have not been able to recover and have had to close their doors indefinitely.

The Avon River still makes it way through the city and the natural beauty and lush backgrounds are still visible. Settled by English migrants, you can see a big influence of the English architecture in some of the buildings and churches that are sprawled through the city.

The 160-hectare Hagley Park situated in the heart of the city, Botanic Gardens, Victoria Square and lovely gardens like Mona Vale on the side of River Avon is a witness to this heritage. It is a vision which is observed and continued to this day by the residents of the city.

The Floral Festival celebrated every February with other smaller festivals held throughout the year. The festivals definitely brings colour to the city and an atmosphere of freshness.

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