Avis Terms & Conditions – Important Info

Please note: for Avis Australia’s full terms and conditions, a link will be provided upon booking submission.

Below is a summary of the most important information. If you have further questions, please contact our customer care team.

Rental Vehicle Excess

The Excess Damage Fee can range between AUD $4,608 and AUD $8,639 and will be specified in the Rental Agreement you accept upon pick up.

The excess is the most you’ll pay towards repairs for damages to the vehicle’s bodywork, where the repairs are covered by the rental provider’s basic insurance. The basic insurance often doesn’t cover damage to other parts of the vehicle (overhead, underbody, interior, windows, wheels) or other charges (misfuelling, loss of use, key loss, towing, roadside assistance, child seats, GPS devices, personal belongings); you may be charged full costs for repair or replacement expenses that are not covered by the basic insurance.

Protection options to reduce or reimburse the rental vehicle excess are available. These options include third-party Rental Vehicle Excess insurance, and excess reduction waivers sold by the rental provider at the rental counter.

Credit Card Surcharge

 1.29% of the total transaction value will be charged to any card used for payment with Avis Australia.

Security Deposit/Bond

For the security of the credit card holder, the primary driver must present a credit card in their own name. It is not possible to collect a vehicle with someone else’s credit card.

Credit/Debit Card Payments

If paying by credit/debit card, a security hold of AUD $200 ( AUD $400 for commercial vehicles), in addition to the estimated total rental charges, will be charged to the nominated card. The card holder will not have access to the security deposit funds until billing is finalised upon completion of the booking.

For Franchise locations, the security deposit/bond may be up to AUD $600 if a debit card is used. Please contact VroomVroomVroom prior to pickup for accurate security deposit information direct from the rental provider.

Accepted Cards

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Diners Club

Debit Card Payments

Avis accepts any debit card which:

  • is issued by a bank or other financial institution; and
  • displays the Mastercard or Visa logo; and
  • has the primary driver’s name and card number on the card.

Avis does not accept prepaid or reloadable value cards, travel money cards, or EFTPOS cards. A credit or debit card as outlined above must be presented upon collection of the rental vehicle. Only upon completion of the booking will some Avis locations accept prepaid and reloadable value cards as a form of payment.

Cash Payments

A credit or debit card is required at pickup to secure funds for the rental vehicle. When the vehicle is returned, customers may have the option to pay by cash.

If paying by cash, please contact VroomVroomVroom upon placing the booking to confirm Avis’s ‘cash qualification’ requirements, which include prepayments, refunds, and the time required to process a qualification application. Cash payments must be arranged and agreed to in advance.

Prepaid and Reloadable Debit Cards, Gift Cards, Travel Cards & EFTPOS Cards

These forms of payment are not accepted by Avis Australia.

Driver and Licence Requirements

Upon commencement of the booking, renters are required to present a valid passport or national ID card, an unrestricted driver licence printed in English, and an accepted credit or debit card.

Drivers Licence & ID

A valid driver licence from the primary driver’s country of residence must be presented in person upon collection of the rental vehicle.

This licence be unrestricted (ie. not a probationary licence) and must include a photograph of the driver, be printed in English, and represent legally authorised, uninterrupted driving privileges for at least one year immediately prior to the rental pickup date.

The licence must certify the driver as qualified to legally operate the class and category of the vehicle being rented.

All driver licences printed in non-Latin/non-Roman characters must be accompanied by a valid International Driving Permit (IDP).

Any and all required documentation must be under the primary driver’s name and be presented by the primary driver upon collection of the rental vehicle.

Avis Australia Accepts the Following Driver Licences

  • A driver licence issued by any state or territory in Australia or New Zealand.
  • A driver licence issued by any US state, territory, or possession.
  • A valid driver licence issued by a country participating in the 1949 Geneva convention on Road Traffic or the 1943 Convention on the Regulation of Inter-American Automobile Traffic. Call your nearest reservation office for participating countries.
  • Renters must possess a driver licence printed in English. Any renter carrying a non-English licence must also present an International Driving Permit printed in English.
  • International Driving Permits serve only as a translation and are only valid if presented in conjunction with a valid driver licence of the issuing country.

Chinese Driver Licences

Chinese licences are accepted when presented in conjunction with a full English translation supplied by an approved translator, including notary translations performed in China.


  • Individuals with Learner’s Permits, Provisional or Probationary licences may not operate Avis’s vehicles.
  • Avis is unable to rent a car to anyone with a suspended, revoked, expired, cancelled, or surrendered driver licence.

Temporary Licences

  • Temporary licences issued by official authorities to replace a lost licence—or due to a change of address—are accepted and will be checked for validity.
  • Temporary licences issued as permits to learner drivers are not accepted.

Driver Age Requirements

Avis requires drivers to be of or over the age of 25. Some Avis locations may allow drivers of or over the age of 21 to rent a vehicle, however, drivers under the age of 25 may incur a daily Young Driver surcharge of AUD $25 (excluding GST) per day.

These minimum age requirements may also restrict the types of vehicles available to young drivers. There are no maximum age restrictions for older drivers renting with Avis Australia.

Local fees and charges may be added to the total cost of the booking by Avis upon collection of the rental vehicle.

Additional Drivers

Additional drivers can be added to the Rental Agreement upon collection of the rental vehicle.

Additional drivers are permitted to drive the rental vehicle, provided they meet the following requirements:

  • All additional drivers must present a valid driver licence upon collection of the rental vehicle.
  • If the additional driver is below the age of 25, they may be charged a Young Driver surcharge.
  • Meet the licence and age requirements set by Avis Australia.
  • Agree to the Rental Agreement terms and conditions.

Additional drivers may be added to the Rental Agreement without charge where they are:

  • The primary driver’s spouse.
  • The primary driver’s employer, employee, fellow employee or partner, if it is disclosed that the vehicle is being rented for business purposes.
  • The primary driver is an Avis Preferred and Presidents Club member.

Any additional driver who does not fit the categories above will be charged per day to be authorised to drive the rental vehicle. A cost of AUD $5.50 per day per driver—capped at 5 days—at a maximum charge of AUD $27.50 will be incurred.

Additional fees and charges may be applied by the rental provider upon collection of the rental vehicle.

Fuel Policy

Full to Full: The vehicle is supplied with a full tank of fuel; if the vehicle is not returned with a full tank of fuel, additional refuelling fees will apply.


 Unlimited kilometres are included for the duration of the booking unless otherwise specified when booking.