Europcar Terms & Conditions – Summary of Key Points

Please note for the full terms and conditions of EUROPCAR a link is provided when submitting your booking.

Below is a summary of the most Important Information. If you do have further questions, please contact our Customer Care Team.

Rental Vehicle Excess

The excess for your chosen vehicle is approximately AUD $5,500.00 – $9,570.00.

As owners of the car, the rental company has full insurance for your chosen rental vehicle. Basic cover is included in the rental quote however if the car is damaged, stolen or Third Party Loss occurs during your journey, you must pay up to the Rental Vehicle Excess amount listed in your rental agreement, providing you have adhered to the terms of your agreement.

Europcar Australia refers to their excess as the Damage Liability Fee (DLF). Windscreen, wheel, headlight and overhead damage to the car, any damage to vehicle extras (including child seats, GPS & personal belongings) and roadside assistance (eg. towing, off-road time, locked keys or misfueling) are excluded from the capped DLF. Costs to repair or replace such items may be charged at the actual repair cost. Refer to Europcar’s Terms & Conditions for full information.

Protection options to reduce or reimburse your rental vehicle excess are available including third party Rental Vehicle Excess insurance or excess reduction at the rental counter.

Credit Card Surcharge

  • American Express 1.32% excluding GST
  • Diners Card 3.09% excluding GST
  • Mastercard Credit 1.32% excluding GST
  • Mastercard debit 0.84% excluding GST
  • Visa Credit 1.07% excluding GST
  • Visa Debit 0.98% excluding GST
  • JCB 1.32% excluding GST
  • Union Pay Card 0.00%

Please note: Percentage of the total transaction value will be charged by the provider.

Security Deposit/Bond

When you arrive at the Europcar rental location, they will pre-authorize a deposit on your card as security.

The deposit amount is equal to the total estimated rental charges plus an AUD $200 bond for accepted credit cards and AUD $500 bond for accepted debit cards.

For Elite, Premium, Prestige & Luxury Vehicles vehicles. A pre authorisation for the total rental amount plus AUD $500 is taken. Debit cards are not accepted for renting a Prestige vehicle.

Please note: Not all depots accept debit cards. If you don’t have a credit card, please contact Bargainwheels at the time of booking so that we can assist you with finding a provider that will accept your preferred payment method.

Cash Rental deposit

Cash Rental Deposit not available. Credit card pre-authorisation of rental charges will be taken at time of pick-up. Additional bond may also be pre-authorsied on your credit card at time of pick up.

Accepted Cards

  • American Express
  • Diners
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

Credit Card requirements for Prestige Vehicles

As noted above, for luxury and special models, two credit cards in the main driver’s name (the second credit card can be a debit credit card) are required and an authorisation will be requested on each.

Both credit cards need to be in the main driver’s name where the second credit card can be a debit credit card. This rule applies to the Elite, Premium, Prestige & Luxury Vehicles JDAR, JGAR, PDAR, JTAF, LTAR, LDAR, RDAF, GFDR, GFJD, LFGD and UFFV.

Credit Card requirements for Elite, Premium, Prestige & Luxury Vehicles

  • Debit cards are not accepted for renting a Prestige vehicle.
  • Please note that ‘Load&Go,’ travel cards and any form of pre-paid cards are not acceptable methods of payment
  • A pre authorisation for the total rental amount plus AUD $500 is taken.
  • The following payments are not acceptable when renting Prestige vehicles. – Cash or cheque payments.

Driver and Licence Requirements

When you pick up the car, please have your Passport or national ID card, driving licence (unrestricted and in English) and acceptable credit or debit card/s present.

Drivers Licence & ID

Europcar Australia’s licence requirements are as follows:

A valid physical driver’s licence for the main driver and any additional driver showing a current residential address and if not in English, an official translation of your driving licence and/or a valid International Driving Permit. (Digital drivers licence will not be accepted)

Full unrestricted driving licence and international drivers license in English for the duration of your rental period that is valid for the class of vehicle you are hiring. The licence must show your current residential address.

If the Licence is not in English characters and it cannot be understood, the licence must be accompanied with a translation into English issued by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators (NAATI). For clarity English character based licences, such as those issued by the European Union, are acceptable and do not have to be accompanied by a translation.

Non-Australian citizens must also present a copy of their current passport at the time of collecting the rental car. All documents must be original. Photocopies or scans are not acceptable. International Driving Permit’s will not be accepted without the original Domestic Driver’s Licence issued in the country of origin.

Young Drivers (21 – 24 years)

In addition to the requirements above, drivers must be a minimum of 21 years of age and drivers aged between 21-24 will be required to pay a Young Driver Surcharge in addition to accessing restricted car classes for hire.

Additional Drivers

With the consent of Europcar and the renter, the vehicle may be driven by other persons which must be included on the rental agreement at time of pick up. Conditions and additional driver charges apply.

All additional drivers must be added to the rental agreement with the rental supplier at the time of collecting your hire car.

Charges of AUD $5.75 per additional driver per day (capped at 5 days). Maximum charge AUD $28.75.

Note, local fees and charges may be added to the displayed price by the rental company upon collection of your vehicle.

Airport Surcharge

Included in your rental charges when applicable and details are available from Europcar Reservation Office. When applicable the rate is displayed in your rental agreement.


Minimum 21 or 25 years according to the car group. Additional Young Driver surcharge applies for drivers under 25.

Other Services

Navigational Unit and Child Seats.

There are some toll roads which include an obligation to pay Roads and Maritime Services ABN 76 236 371 088 (“RMS”) a Service Fee of $3.30 (inc GST) for each calendar day on which you use a toll road in addition to payment to RMS of the applicable tolls.

Restriction Of Use

You have no cover for Damage or Third Party Loss in some circumstances even if You purchase Damage Cover Products. These are fully set out in the Terms and Conditions of Rental available at and include Damage or Third Party Loss caused by inundation or immersion of the Vehicle in water, use of the Vehicle in any prohibited area and Overhead and Underbody Damage, including overhead contact to any part of the pantech or box section of a Commercial Vehicle. Driving the Vehicle on Unsealed Roads and above the Snow Line is never permitted unless You have purchased the appropriate cover at the Start of Rental and Off Road use is strictly prohibited. You must refer full terms and conditions of rental available at for full details.

Fuel Policy

Full to Full

The vehicle is supplied with a full tank and must be returned with a full tank or additional fees will apply.