Europcar Terms & Conditions – Summary of Key Points

This summary has been prepared by as a guideline to alert you to the key inclusions, exclusions, requirements and other terms and conditions which may apply when renting from this supplier. Customers will be required to accept Europcar Rental terms when collecting the vehicle.

This quote includes:

  • G.S.T.
  • Stamp duty
  • Basic liability cover (LDW) for cars (not specialty, 4WD’s, or prestige models) have an excess of $4180 – $8250 AUD (excluding local taxes and surcharges). Vehicle excess can be reduced by purchasing the Loss Damage Reduction upon arrival
  • Signified kilometre amount (generally unlimited, see below for extra km charges)
  • Vehicle Registration
  • One way fees if applicable
  • Premium location fees
  • All vehicle fees related to the booking, eg. Vehicle drop fees, premium location fees, corporate location fees wherever applicable.

This quote will not include:

  • Credit Card charges will incur a 1.18% surcharge for Visa, 1.24% surcharge Mastercard.  AMEX will incur 3.74 and Diners will incur 1.65%.
  • Local PLS (Premium Location Surcharge) for additional products or fees applicable to all airports, most downtown and railway stations
  • Liability Reduction Options, please see our.  Please see our Damage Liability Fee Guide below for further details.
  • Pre-authorisation (security deposit) of $100 plus the cost of rental for accepted credit cards, $400 plus the cost of rental for debit Mastercard and Visa.  Further information can be found below under “deposit”. 
  • Child Seats or booster seats (can be purchased after confirmation for $11.00* per seat, per day). This price is capped at $77* per seat per rental
  • Deposit for credit card payment is $100 plus the cost of rental.
  • Extra kilometre charges – apply over the included figure will be charged at $0.275* – $0.36* AUD per kilometre traveled over the quoted threshold. This additional charge is payable to Europcar on return of your vehicle and calculated by the kilometres traveled at the applicable per-kilometre charge.
  • GPS $15.40* per day GPS are subject to availability and can not be guaranteed (capped at 10 days $154.00*).
  • Extra Driver can be added to the rental at an extra charge of $5.75* per extra driver per day capped at 5days. Max 4 additional drivers.
  • The age surcharge of $30.25* per day inclusive of GST for drivers 21 to 24
  • NOT Probationary/Provisional P Plate Licence holders. 
  • Additional rental ‘extras’ selected at the Europcar Counter incurs an Administration fee of 3.85%, Premim Location fee, and Credit Card Surcharge. i.e. GPS Units, fuel, extra drivers (see below for charges).
  • The liability amount on a GPS unit is $275* including GST, which can not be reduced.
  • Snow cover (compulsory for traveling to snow regions – conditions apply, see below)
  • Security deposit where applicable – see below terms and conditions – Payments terms vary for credit cards and debit Visa/Mca (if accepted)
  • Toll way charges

* All extra add-ons will attract additional percentage taxes and surcharges.

Important notes about your Booking:

Modifying your booking:

May change the original quoted price. For details on how to modify your booking please click My Booking.

Flight/Airport details:

Accurate flight Details and Flight arrival time are extremely important. Correct details are a requirement of suppliers to guarantee the reservation. Delays will occur if the incorrect details are added to the reservation. Europcar policy is to offer a 2 hour holding procedure. Further delays need to be advised by contacting Europcar on 1300 13 13 90 to ensure the reservation is held.Hint: if you are delayed – visit the counter of the supplier at your departing airport.

Contact Number:

A mobile, or landline is mandatory for confirmation. Europcar Staff will need this to contact you if your arrival is delayed. Incorrect information may jeopordise your reservation.

Qualifications and Requirements


Credit Cards

Europcar Asia Pacific accepts all recognised major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard, American Express and Diners Card. The credit card used for payment of the rental must be in the renters name and embossed on the front of the card. The renter’s signature must appear on the back of the card. Renters under 25 as well as renters of 4WD and Luxury vehicles must present a credit card on arrival.


The pre-authorisation (security deposit) amount for Europcar rentals is (see also below for Prestige requirements)

  • $100 plus the cost of rental for accepted credit cards, 
  • $400 plus the cost of rental for accepted debit Mastercard and Visa.  
  • $200 New Zealand rentals.  

Credit Card:  The pre-authorisation will continue to be automatically released by the customer’s bank within a standard period of 3 to 14 days (some building societies may hold up to 30 days) after the rental has been closed.
Debit Cards:  the $400 pre-authorisation amount plus any extras that are not included in your voucher will be frozen on your card as security. Please note it may take your bank 7-21 days to release the $400 pre-authorisation amount. 

The $400 pre-authorisation amount plus any extras that are not included in your total cost will be frozen on your card as security. Please note it may take your bank 7-21 days to release the $400 pre-authorisation amount. 

Credit Card requirements for Prestige Vehicles:
  • The driver must present two valid credit cards on check out. Both credit cards need to be in the main driver’s name where the second credit card can be a debit credit card. This rule applies to the above prestige vehicles with the exception of the JDAR, CXAR and IXAR
  • A pre authorisation for the total rental amount  plus $100 is taken on the first credit card
  • A pre authorisation of $1.00 is taken on the second credit card 
  • The following payments are not acceptable when renting Prestige vehicles. – Cash or cheque payments.

Mastercard or Visa Debit card conditions:

When you pick up your vehicle we may accept Mastercard or Visa Debit card under the following conditions:

  • Display the cardholder name of the main driver
  • Display the embossed card number
  • Display the Visa or MasterCard logo (Europcar does not accept eftpos cards, load & go cards, prepaid cards or travel cards)
  • Must have the micro chip embedded in the card
  • Display the Visa or MasterCard hologram
  • Be issued by an accepted bank
  • Present an acceptable second form of identification in addition to presenting your drivers licence
  • A second form of identification will be required in addition to the drivers licence (some exceptions apply)

Europcar will not be responsible for any overdraft fees or other bank fees as a result of this policy.

China Union Pay (CUP)

These are credit cards produced by China with co-operation from Visa. All card numbers will be 16 digit long. All three items MUST be present on either the front or back of the card to be accepted by Europcar:

  • The China Union Pay logo is a red / blue / green striped logo and will be found on the front of the card
  • The Visa Credit card logo is the standard silver hologram of the Visa ‘Dove’, this can be found either on the front or back of the Credit card. This hologram indicates to staff that the card is a “credit” card. Debit cards do not have the hologram. Debit cards are NOT accepted by Europcar at this time.
  • The standard Visa logo will be located on the front of the card and is the word “VISA” in blue and gold.
Europcar does NOT accept:
  • Unembossed cards.
  • CUP cards that begin with 6, 9 or 8. (yet)
  • Any other co-branded cards from MasterCard or Amex (yet).
  • Single branded CUP cards (yet) see examples below.

Single branded CUP credit cards and single branded CUP debit cards are NOT yet accepted by Europcar. Single branded China Union Pay credit cards are produced by China with no co-operation with any other party. Single branded CUP debit cards have a CUP logo only. See example’s shown below. They do not have a hologram, or any other bank logo.
Europcar require an authority on the credit card for the rental cost plus $400 (including GST)

Debit Cards

Europcar will accept debit cards embossed with the Visa or Mastercard emblem (van, luxury and specialty fleet excluded).   If a debit card is presented Europcar will charge your client a security bond of $400AUD or $400NZD plus the full rental costs. The security deposit will be returned when you return the car subject to no new damage and a full tank of fuel.

The refund can take from around 7 -14 days, (some building societies may hold up to 30 days) after the rental has been closed.

Cash payments are not accepted

Europcar will accept debit card in limited circumstances on some standard passenger vehicles (not luxury, specialty or vans). Payment by debit card requires a bond to be paid at the start of the rental, and refunded on return.

Please reply to the confirmation email requesting deposit information – our team will contact the depot for you and advise by return email in 1 business day. Alternatively, contact Europcar reservation centre on 1300 13 13 90 to find out more.

Luxury Fleet (Audi or Similar)

Cash, Debit and Letter of Authority payment not accepted for Prestige or Luxury fleet.

Drivers Licences

  • Drivers must hold a full licence to rent a vehicle from Europcar. Probationary or restricted licences are not acceptable. Photocopies are not acceptable.
  • International arrivals into Australia or New Zealand are recommended to have arranged an International Driver’s Permit before travel and provide it with their current country licence.
  • Europcar will accept a licence from the originating country providing it is in English and clearly demonstrates the expiry date, drivers address and permit conditions.
  • Licences that are not in English will not be accepted without an international drivers licence.
  • For identification purposes, we also require drivers to provide their credit card details.
  • Photocopies of credit cards are not acceptable as a form of ID, the original card must be presented.
  • You have not within the three years prior to the Rental Period on Part A been convicted of an offence relating to driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs; or with a blood alcohol level over any legal limit.
  • You are 21 years of age or over (higher age limits may apply on some vehicle classes). You must hold a valid current unrestricted motor vehicle driver’s licence for the particular class of vehicle hired (learners permits and provisional or probationary licences are not acceptable).
  • NOT Probationary/Provisional P Plate Licence holders.
  • You have not been refused nor had any motor vehicle insurance cancelled for any reason within the three years prior to the Rental Period on Part A.

Additional drivers

An additional driver is someone who is not “The Renter” but is someone the renter is giving permission to drive the vehicle as an “Authorised Driver”.

Any additional driver’s need to show their Drivers Licence at the time of rental. Every additional driver is charged an additional driver fee of $5.75 inclusive of GST per day. This is capped at 5 days per additional driver.


The minimum age for all drivers is 21. Drivers aged 21 to 24 are restricted to the types of vehicles they can hire, please contact phone number 1300 13 13 90 for details on Europcar rentals.

All Drivers under the age of 25 are subject to a daily age surcharge of $30.25* inclusive of GST.

Baby Seats

Europcar have reversible baby seats and booster seats available for all passenger vehicles. They are required by law between the ages of 0 – 7 years. Baby and booster seats are on request and are required to be confirmed prior to travel. Europcar does not supply baby capsules, only reversible baby seats and a foam version booster seat. The type of child restraint used depends on the age and size of the child. The driver is responsible for ensuring that the child restraint has been adjusted according to the child’s size and weight and fitted correctly to the vehicle. We encourage all partners to advise customers prior to travel to check that the child seat is secured to their satisfaction. A summary of the laws for AU and NZ relating to child restraints is outlined in the table below.

Child Restraint Conditions

  • Birth – 9kg or up to 700mm long (or up to 12kg)(approx. 6-12 months): CSB Child Seat Baby (rear Facing seat)
  • 8 kg – 18 kg (approx. 6 months – 4 years): CSI Child Seat Infant Facing Seat)
  • 8 kg – 26 kg (approx. 6 months – 7 years): CST Child Seat Toddler (Booster)
  • 7+ years: Drivers and passengers must wear safety belts when available.

Satellite Navigation /Global Positioning System (GPS)

Europcar have portable GPS Units which can be fitted to any vehicle. GPS units must be pre-booked at the time of reservation and are available in all major cities for airports and downtown locations.

GPS units may be taken one way; however fees and charges may apply if a customer fails to return or damages a GPS. The repair/replacement cost for the GPS unit is $275.00 (inc gst.) This charge will apply, regardless of whether the customer has purchased GoZen, CDW etc.

ETag and Tolls

Paying tolls electronically
When you rented your vehicle you entered into an agreement with RMS to provide you with the E-Toll Tag facility. The E-Toll Tag facility Terms and Conditions will be provided to you at the time of hire and are also available on

Your Europcar vehicle has been fitted with a small electronic RMS E-Toll that communicates automatically with the electronic
toll collection points on toll roads. On some toll roads these points are well marked; on others, they may be less obvious. All you need to do is drive smoothly along the toll road avoiding cash only lanes and as your vehicle passes underneath the toll collecting gantry your vehicle will be electronically charged the toll. You may see a flash, red light, or hear a beep as you drive through all these mean the toll has been charged. Your rental vehicle may not be fitted with a visible tag. Even so, every Europcar rental vehicle is equipped with the
E-Toll Tag facility which enables you to pay tolls electronically. Your personal e-tag cannot be used in a Europcar rental vehicle. Please request a Shield Bag to place your personal e-tag so it does not register when driving through toll gates.

Service fee
For each calendar day on which your rental vehicle incurs a toll using your E-toll facility a service fee of $3.30 per day will be charged. You will not be charged a service fee for the days you don’t travel on a toll road. For example, if you hire a rental vehicle for three days using a credit card and then drive on toll roads for only two out of three days, you will only be charged a $6.60 service fee plus the accrued toll charges. Details of these fees are also included in the E-Toll Tag facility Terms and Conditions that were provided to you at the time you rented your vehicle.

How do I check my charges?
You can check all fees and toll charges online at

Where you can and cannot drive the vehicle – driving restrictions.

Full Rental terms and conditions on this link:

You must NOT:

  • allow or permit the Vehicle to be used for any illegal purpose, race, contest or performance test of any kind;
  • allow or permit the Vehicle to be used to tow or push anything, unless a tow bar has been fitted to the vehicle by Europcar and the load is within the vehicle’s design limits specified in the vehicle manual;
  • sublet or let the Vehicle on hire to any other person;
  • carry more passengers than may be properly accommodated by the seat belt restraints provided in the Vehicle, or carry a greater load than that for which it was built;
  • be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or have a blood alcohol content that exceeds the legal limit in the Country, State or Territory in which the Vehicle is driven; or
    ii.refuse to take a breath or blood test in the Country, State or Territory in which the Vehicle is driven;
  • allow the Vehicle to be used to carry passengers for payment of any kind;
  • use the Vehicle when it is damaged or unsafe;
  • use the Vehicle to transport goods, except in compliance with all necessary approvals, permits, licences and government requirements (to be obtained at Your cost) & in accordance with the Vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations;
  • without Europcar’s prior written consent, use the Vehicle to carry any inflammable substance which has a flash point under 23 or any other explosive or corrosive substances.
  • transport any animal inside the Vehicle [except with the permission from the Owner and subject to all necessary approvals, permits, licenses and government requirements (to be obtained at Your own cost)]. An additional vehicle cleaning charge as specified in Part A will apply.
  • operate or permit the Vehicle to be operated in breach of any legislation, regulations, rules or by laws relating to road traffic and use.
  • in New Zealand operate the Vehicle or permit it to be operated in breach of the Transport Act 1962, the Traffic Regulations 1976, or any other Act, regulations, or bylaws relevant to road traffic.
  • in New Zealand use the Vehicle for the carriage of hazardous goods (as defined in sections 70E to 70H of the Transport Act, as amended 1 May 1990).

You must never take the Vehicle:

(a) Off Road;

(b) between mainland Australia and Tasmania in either direction;

(c) onto any island that is off mainland Australia or Tasmania, with the exception of:

  • (i) Kangaroo Island;
  • (ii) Stradbroke Island;
  • (iii) Magnetic Island;
  • (iv) Bribie Island; or
  • (v) Phillip Island;

(d) through any river, stream, creek or tidal crossing;

(e) through flood waters or on flood prone roads or on any road where the state or condition of the road make the use of the Vehicle unsafe;

(f) on any road where the police or any government or statutory authority has issued a warning, caution or which has been closed;

(g) onto any road where We have notified You that the use of the Vehicle is prohibited;

(h) in Queensland:

  • (i) north of Chillagoe or Georgetown;
  • (ii) north of Cooktown or Laura;
  • (iii) on the Burke Development Road;
  • (iv) north of Maggieville;
  • (v) on Unsealed Roads north and west of Mt Isa;
  • (vi) on the Bloomfield track; or
  • (vii) on the Savannah Way;

(i) on the Tanami Track and the Gunbarrel Highway in Western Australia and the Northern Territory; or

(j) on the road from Jim Jim Falls to Twin Falls in the Northern Territory, even if Unsealed Road Cover – 4WD or Unsealed Road Cover – ALWD has been purchased.

6.10 There are other prohibited areas where You must never take the Vehicle:

(a) in Western Australia:

  • (i) on the Gibb River Road;
  • (ii) on the Cape Leveque Road;
  • (iii) on the road to Windjana Gorge;
  • (iv) on the Cardabia – Ningaloo Road; or
  • (v) on the access road from the Great Northern Highway to the Purnululu National Park, commonly known as the Bungle Bungles;
  • or

(b) in the Northern Territory on the Larapinta and Namitjira Drives, commonly known as the Mereenie Loop,

unless the Vehicle is a 4WD and You have purchased Unsealed Road Cover – 4WD and You have hired a second spare wheel from Us. then you can drive on the roads listed above in points 2 (a) and (b).

And under no circumstances are customers allowed to travel:

  • i) On beaches or through streams, dams, rivers, or flood waters
  • ii) On flood prone roads or any roadway where the Police or any other Government authority have issued a warning or caution.


If You do not select the Prepaid Fuel Option (where available), and You return the Vehicle with less fuel than it had when You rented it, You must pay the refuelling service fee.

Europcar Damage Liability Fee Guide do not sell protection products, therefore any quotes/enquiries MUST be directed to Europcar. These products are available at the pickup of your vehicle. Rates for protection products are inclusive of GST, exclusive of the local depot surcharges. These local surcharges are made up of Premium Location fee, Administration fee and Credit card surcharge. See below for details of cover options

Passenger and Small AWD Vehicles


  • Standard Damage Liability Fee – $4730*
  • Collision Damage Waiver – from $25.30* per day. This package reduces the Damage Liability fee to $1100.00* Standard cover option which reduces the Damage Liability Fee to the amount displayed in the rental agreement but never to nil and does not include cover protection for windscreen, wheels and iridescences (WWI)
  • SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver) from $31.35* per day – This package reduces the Damage Liability Fee to $550. Standard cover option as above plus for an extra few dollars your Damage Liability Fee is reduced further but not to zero. Does not include cover protection for windscreen, wheels and iridescences (WWI)
  • GOZEN* Includes SCDW + WWI (formerly know as Super Piece of Mind SPOM).Available for passenger and small AWD vehicles. Premium cover option, reduces the Damage Liability Fee to nil. From $53.90* per day (1-3 day rentals) reducing for longer rentals (eg from $19.80* per day for 16 days +). Includes Windscreen, Wheels and Iridescences (WWI). Not available for: Large 4wd and Prestige vehicles.
  • AWD/4WD Cover available for the SFDR vehicle for $16.50* per day which allows the driver to drive this vehicle on an approved unsealed road .
  • Snow Cover available for $27.50* per day which allows the driver to drive this vehicle their vehicle above the snow line.

Special Passenger Vehicles