East Coast Car Rentals Terms & Conditions – Summary of Key Points

Please note for the full terms and conditions of East Coast Car Rentals a link is provided when submitting your booking.

Below is a summary of the most Important Information. If you do have further questions, please contact our Customer Care Team.

Rental Vehicle Excess

The excess for your chosen vehicle is approximately AUD $990 including GST.

As owners of the car, the rental company has full insurance for your chosen rental vehicle. Basic cover is included in the rental quote however if the car is damaged, stolen or Third Party Loss occurs during your journey, you must pay up to the Rental Vehicle Excess amount listed in your rental agreement, providing you have adhered to the terms of your agreement.

East Coast Car Rentals Australia refer to their excess as the Loss Damage Waiver (LDW). Overhead, underbody and water damage to the car, any damage to vehicle extras (including child seats, GPS & personal belongings) and roadside assistance (eg. towing, off-road time, locked keys or misfueling) are excluded from the capped LDW. Costs to repair or replace such items may be charged at the actual repair cost.

Protection options to reduce or reimburse your rental vehicle excess are available including third party Rental Vehicle Excess insurance or excess reduction at the rental counter.


The remainder of the payment is made in full when collecting your car. We accept Visa and MasterCard Credit and Debit Cards, American Express, Eftpos and Cash. It is important to note that CASH is not accepted at city offices.

Please note: It will be compulsory to purchase our Loss Damage Waiver option if you are paying by EFTPOS or Cash. Additionally, a Visa or MasterCard Credit/Debit Card or American Express Card will also be required for security purposes. Please be sure that cardholder is named as the main renter.

  • The use of an American Express Card will incur a 2.20% surcharge for rentals in Australia.
  • The use of an International credit card may attract an International Transaction Fee from your financial institution.

Security Deposit/Bond

East Coast Car Rentals will require a bond to be held on your rental. This will be processed as a pre-authorisation on the renter’s credit card. The amount held on your card will be up to the value of your chosen excess. Pre-authorisations are held by the cardholder’s issuing financial institution and not East Coast Car Rentals. A pre-authorisation may take up to 31 days for your bank to release the funds as available credit in your account.

Accepted Cards

The following cards are accepted:

  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Eftpos

Customers choosing to pay by EFTPOS, it is compulsory for Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) to be accepted at the time of rental. A Visa or MasterCard Credit/Debit Card or American Express Card will also be required for security purposes.

NOTE: In all cases the credit card holder must be present upon the collection of the vehicle, be included on and sign the Rental Agreement. An additional driver/hirer fee will be charged. A surcharge of 2.2% will apply when using an American Express Card as payment for your rental.

Area of Use

Please refer to our current Terms and Conditions of Rental here: Terms and Conditions

Hirer’s Liability

It can be confusing how much excess you will incur if you have an accident in a rental vehicle. Many consumers are unaware that car rental “insurance” is very different to the insurance they purchase for their private vehicle or even travel insurance and the standard excesses are much higher. East Coast Car Rentals provides the following options to reduce your excess in the event of damage.

Windscreen and Tyre Cover

Windscreen and Tyre Cover protects the renter for damage to these items. Windscreen means “front” windscreen. Windscreen damage refers to chips, cracks or stars to the windscreen. “Tyre” means any one of the four tyres on the vehicle at any given time. Tyre damage refers to punctures, cuts and abrasions due to normal driving conditions. In the event of damage to these items, there will be no charge. The cost is $5.00 per day.

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)

Loss Damage Waiver protects you against damage caused as a result of Multi Vehicle Accidents and single vehicle accidents. You are also covered for hail and storm damage (except flood damage), theft, fire and animal damage, to the reduced liability amount where LDW is purchased.

For Partial Pre-paid (If you have paid a booking deposit)

Multi Vehicle Liability$990
Single Vehicle Liability$990

Vehicle Class12-SEATER MINIBUS
Multi Vehicle Liability$990
Single Vehicle Liability$990

Options to Reduce LDW to Zero

The rates to reduce to zero including windscreen, headlight and tyre, which can be purchased on arrival are:

1 – 2 Days = $22* a day

3 – 5 Days = $18* a day

6 – 10 Days = $15* a day

11 Days = $12* a day

*Includes GST

There is no option to reduce your LDW on a 12 seater minibus and the security deposit required at the counter will include $990 plus the estimated total rental charges.

Drivers Qualifications

Each driver must be listed on the Rental Agreement and must present their drivers license at the time of collection. Maximum 4 drivers per rental.

Drivers aged between 21 and 25 years of age (as of the last day of the rental period) are still entitled to hire, however, are subject to a compulsory, additional $9.90 per day surcharge.

We can rent to drivers over the age of 80 are subject to the approval of the renting officer.

Drivers who hold a valid Provisional License (P Plate) may rent from East Coast Car Rentals under the following provisions;

  • The “P Plate” driver must have held his P Plate license for a minimum period of the 12 months prior to the start of the rental.
  • The customer must provide a “P plate” for display on the vehicle. These are readily available from most service stations.
  • The customer must accept the full LDW option.
  • The contract will include any under 25 age surcharge, if applicable.
  • The customer will abide by the terms of the rental contract as well as those restrictions associated with the license.

Learner Drivers (L Plate) are not permitted to rent vehicles with East Coast Car Rentals.

For International Driving licences, all customers will need to present their locally issued drivers licence, a copy of their Passport, plus an International Driving Permit if their local driver’s licence is not written in Roman Alphabet characters. For example, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic customers, must present a copy of their passport, their locally issued driver’s licence AND an International Drivers Permit in this situation. If your driver’s licence IS written in Roman Alphabet characters, then you only need to present your passport and current local valid driver’s licence.

Local Renters

Requirements for local renters

A local renter is where the driver license is issued in the same state of the vehicle being picked up and the customer resides within a 150KM radius of the renting location. The customer must provide a utility bill* not older than three months confirming the address is the same as it appears on their drivers’ license. This can be a phone bill, electricity bill, gas bill, rates notification etc. If the customer has rented from us previously, they are not required to provide a utility bill for verification of address. First time renters will be required to leave a Bond of AUD $1000, held as a pre-authorisation on their nominate card, regardless of any waiver options purchased.

In situations where the customer has rented from us previously

  1. If the customer declines all LDW options, the AUD $1000 bond is required, or
  2. If the customer accepts LDW, a bond of AUD $385 – $500 is required (depending on the reduced excess amount), or
  3. If the customer accepts Premium Cover, no bond is required.

*If the customer is unable to provide a paper copy of a utility bill, an electronic copy (from their smart phone) is acceptable. We will then verify the address on the utility bill to ensure it matches the address on the driver license.

Additional Drivers

You can have up to 4 drivers per rental free of charge.

Drivers aged between 21 and 25 years of age (as of the last day of the rental period) are still entitled to hire, however, are subject to a compulsory, additional AUD $9.90 per day surcharge.

Airport Pickup


Airport pickups: Calling within Australia 1800 474 258, Calling from International Mobiles +61 7 5555 8908.

Reservation Amendments

Confirmed reservations may be altered prior to collection however changes to your reservation will be subject to availability.

Credit Card Surcharge

A surcharge of 2.2% will apply when using an American Express Card of the total transaction value will be charged by the provider at the time of pick up.

Fuel policy

Full to Full

Vehicle supplied with a full tank and must be returned with a full tank or additional fees will apply.