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People Drive Our Success

Our key assets are our people who drive the Thrifty brand and network of 18 experienced franchise operators. We live and breathe vehicle rentals, and our local experts have an in-depth knowledge of their areas. We’re passionate about delivering value, and we want our service to be great, not just good.

Thrifty has adopted a clear purpose statement that sums up the way we like to do business: ‘Passionate, individual service, everytime.’ How do we back this up? With our core values:

  • Flexibility
  • Competitiveness
  • Passion
  • Dynamism
  • Trust
  • Loyalty

What do we mean by Thrifty thinking?

We’re in business to provide consistently competitive rates without compromising quality or service. It’s the smart choice. This is what we call Thrifty Thinking.

Thrifty Thinking is…

  • knowing the value of a dollar. And knowing when to spend money too.
  • big wins like finding a breakthrough way to streamline a company’s operations. And small wins, like finding a parking meter with time still to run.
  • saving your time as much as saving your money.
  • travelling for business, and then using the frequent flyer points for leisure.
  • going four-star so you can eat out five-star.
  • not about cutting corners but it is about cutting unnecessary frills.

We think that’s the kind of approach that makes Thrifty your ideal car rental company.

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